Our Programs


1. Health

To improve accessibility to comprehensive quality health care and well- being of youths by reducing the impacts of HIV/AIDS and making informed healthy decision

Core focus areas :-

1.1 Reproductive Health and Right for Most At Risk Population (MSM, FCW, Transgender ). The main output of this project are to strengthen the capacity to access and demand Sexual Reproductive Health Rights , to provide HIV Counseling and Testing, Behaviour Change Communication and Advocacy among the youth.

1.2 Youth Peer Education and Advocacy : Behavior change communication is a major component of our advocacy carried out at community level for STIs /HIV intervention that are gender sensitive and cost effective through networking . We have network of 20 schools both primary and secondary that we conduct different youth reproductive health program within Winam Division.

1.3. Comprehensive health program- Cadif is working to establish comprehensive healthcare centers targeting most vulnerable children below 5 years to reduce child mortality and mobility in rural and slum areas where these problems have proved to be much more prominent.



1. Basic Education and advocacy: We run a project under our educational pillar to mobilize re-entry, retain, reintegrate and accelerate learning for vulnerable children

1.1 Computer training-Over 1,500 youths including orphan and vulnerable Children, Motorcyclists, commercial sex workers have been trained on basic computer packages .

1.2 Vocational training- 100 vulnerable youths and teenagers trained in vocational skills (textile and fashion, soft skills, hospitality industry, and basic computers skills)

1.3 Hiv/Aids Management Training to over 500 community health workers as trainer of trainee to improve their knowledge and capacity in reaching out to the population.


Individual Volunteerism:- Volunteerism is the foundation of CADIF. We have recruited 100s of local and foreign volunteers and placed them in different community projects. We are accredited to by European Volunteers Service, to host and send volunteers for 3-12 months volunteer exchange.

Cooperate Volunteerism:- We work with institution and companies that want to have organized staff volunteer program in project of their choice in the community.



1. Enterprise and Livelihoods Development.

1.1 Entrepreneurship:-To build entrepreneurship capacity of the youth and youths group, inoculate the culture of entrepreneurship and establish network (alliance) that will promote entrepreneurial development and promote self employment

1.2 Livelihood Development :- We work with both youths and women to unlock economic opportunities through targeted intervention like Agribusiness, Urban Agriculture, value chain development

1.3 Capacity Development and Good Governance: We work with youth to promote democracy and good governance through advocacy and mentorship.

1.4 Capacity Development:- CADIF has network of approximately 50 local grassroots' partners that work in diverse areas from Health, Environment, Agriculture to Education etc. we work with them to strengthen their institutional capacity and develop consortiums when implementing different projects

1.5 Good Governance :- We promote safe space for accountability and political dialogue. We conduct youth training programs on good leadership, governance process and climate change