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A Prosperous, self-reliance and empowered youths contributing to a society free from poverty and diseases.

Service Features


Mobilize resources & positively engage youths in promoting development, reduce the vulnerability and end poverty through cooperation and networking.

Service Features

Core values

Innovation, teamwork, integrity,excellence,inclusiveness and collaboration are our core values at Cadif Kenya.


Community Aid Development Fund international (Cadif Kenya) is a grass root youth-focused organization, non-profit and non-partisan. The Organization started back in the year 2007 with a mission to work with professional volunteers in mobilizing and empowering children and youths in the target slum areas to enhance their capacity. This would in return enable them reduce the risk and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and alleviate poverty within the community setup.

We focus our activities to Four thematic areas, that is: - Health, Education and Sustainable development and Volunteerism.

  • Health Strategic Objective: To improve accessibility to quality health care, well- being and reducing the impacts of HIV/AIDS
  • Education Strategic Objective: To empower women and vulnerable youths through quality education and vocational training
  • Economic Empowerment Strategic Objective: To inoculate entrepreneurship culture, incubate business ideas and improve livelihoods through unlocking of economic opportunities for youths and women.
  • Volunteer Development Strategic Objective:-To increase youth’s employability skills and supplementary competences through placement, intercultural exchange and voluntarism both locally and internationally
  • The hypothesis behind Cadif

    It is without doubt that the economic and empowerment status of the youth is changing over time with the population in an all time high and their need varying from time to time. Cadif has registered unprecedented levels of success, and challenges notwithstanding, in reaching out to the children, vulnerable youth and teenage mothers of Kisumu County and providing a forum through which they have been able to mobilize resources and empower themselves economically.